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WORD OF MOUTH, One Of A Kind Handcrafted Jewelry,

True Designer Jewelry Works Of Art

WORD OF MOUTH, One Of A Kind Handcrafted Jewelry,

The Earwrap ®

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         Louise Devery, Designer

              Word Of Mouth ®


         What's the Earwrap Earring?  

The Earwrap Earring is 
Design Copyrighted and Registered Trademarked.

It is a wire Earring that goes around the ear and looks like you are wearing 2-6 different earrings.

                    No Piercing Required!     

Wrapping Your Ears In Comfort and Style.

Get a Multi Pierced Look in an instant. Comfortable, Secure.

 Sold as Singles! Pairs available! Just order two, or two similar ones.



                    Mix and Match!

               Plan Your Unique Look! 

Can be used with pierced earrings to enhance options.

Can be used by those with non-pierced ears with no discomfort due to clips which can hurt ears.

Allergy safe, just request plastic tubing around wires.

Compatible with glasses, hearing aids, stretched and torn lobes!
I can make a combination cuff and wrap for those with attached lobes.


Start at the top of the ear and wrap around finishing under and in front of the lobe for a secure fit!


I make each piece to order, you may design your own. Tell me what and how you want it. All metals and stones are available.

I also make PIERCED Earrings, Cuffs, and clip ons. Any Earwrap can be made with wires, cuffs or clips.

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